The department for the preparation and implementation of social activity projects covers a range of fields that improve life quality of all inhabitants in the County. These fields include education, social welfare, health, labor market, culture and sports. We nurture strong and successful cooperation with key institutions in the mentioned fields with the purpose of improving the quality of services provided. We design and implement strategic projects for the Međimurje County and other public bodies and institutions. We monitor continuously news and EU, national and other available tenders, always having in mind the needs of our target groups as well as the implementation of regional, national and EU strategic guidelines.


The Department for Economy Projects monitors the situation and trend in the economy in general, as well as particularly concerning small and medium enterprises, rural development, and business zones. We continuously observe and report on relevant domestic and foreign tenders and inform the general public and private sector while providing technical and advisory assistance. The department is responsible for preparing and implementing economic and rural development projects in which different public bodies are lead beneficiaries or partners. We also organize trainings and conferences for entrepreneurs and farmers, conduct market research, and create plans, programs, and studies in addition to initiating and coordinating strategic projects aimed to increase the competitiveness of the Međimurje County economy.


PI REDEA is in charge of creating, checking and monitoring the execution of strategic documents, various programmes and planning documents. We were authorized to create the strategic medium-term document of Međimurje County – the Međimurje County Development Plan for the period up to 2027. It defines the development goals and priorities of importance for the area of ​​Međimurje County and also defines special goals for the implementation of strategic goals from long-term strategic planning acts, namely the National Development Strategy and sectoral and multi-sectoral strategies.

In addition, we carry out various sectoral analyses of the situation and propose measures to solve identified development problems, at the level of the county, municipality, and local action group, and participate in the preparation and implementation of development projects.

We are currently working on (updated November 2023):

  • 2023 – Urban Area Development Strategy (ITU Čakovec)

List of strategic documents (updated November 2023):

  • 2023 – Local development strategy of the Local Action Group Međimurski doli i bregi 2023 – 2027
  • 2022 – Međimurje County Development Plan until 2027
  • 2020 – Human Resources Development Strategy of Međimurje County until 2027 with accompanying Action Plan
  • 2017 – Development strategy of Međimurje County until 2020.
  • 2016 – Local development strategy of the Local Action Group Međimurski doli i bregi 2014 – 2020
  • 2015 and 2016 Development strategies of municipalities
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