Project acronym: TRUE Project name: TRansition paths to sUstainable legume based systems in Europe Grant Agreement number: 727973 Program Horizon 2020 Call: Sustainable Food Security – Resilient and resource-efficient value chains Type of action: RIA - Research and Innovation action.

Project overall objectives:

The primary objectives of TRUE project are to:
  1. Identify, from data collected across a diversity of Farm Networks and Case Studies, key factors that demonstrate successful use of legumes in a range of production systems with related quality chains, and the historical drivers that supported the transition.
  2. Using a suite of advanced modelling approaches, combine data generated from Farm Case Studies into a final Decision Support Tool for primary producers, agronomists, processors, and associated businesses to determine a range of options for successful transitions that include a range of legume species to match the pedo-climatic zones and farm network types.
Project description: TRUE aims to identify and enable transition paths to realise sustainable legume-supported production systems and agri-feed and-food chains. Legumes are widely recognised as a sustainable source of highly nutritious food and feed, requiring no inorganic nitrogen fertiliser. Despite these benefits, legume-based systems have not been realised in common farming practice. TRUE’s perspective is that the scientific knowledge, capacities and societal desire for legume supported systems exists, but that practical co-innovation to realise transition paths have yet to be achieved. TRUE is a 24-partner consortium covering business and society actors from legume commodity production, processing, and citizens. In addition, TRUE presents a unique consortium with an equal balance of 12 academic and 12 non-academic partners which span through whole quality chain (farm to consumers/citizens).