L&P Tehnologije d.o.o.  (LPT d.o.o.), Prelog

The company L&P Tehnologije d.o.o. (abbreviated LPT), with its head office in Prelog, was founded in the year 2000 as a sister company in the 100% ownership of the multinational corporation Leggett & Platt, whose head office is located in Carthage, Missouri, USA. As the leading world manufacturer of innerspring units and other components in the manufacture of mattresses and furniture, Leggett & Platt company has more than 250 branches in the USA, as well as about 80 branches around the world in which it employs the total number of about 35.000 people.


  • in 2000 L&P Tehnologije d.o.o. was founded,
  • in 2008. after several years of operating in rented premisis company moved its operation in newly built facility with surface of 15.000 m2,
  • in 2011 expanding on 7.500 m2 of new production and storage space
  • in 2009 a total sale of 21 mil EUR was realised, while in 2014 total sale of 35 mil EUR was reached
  • in 2014 the number of employees rose to 310,
  • In the meantime LPT is preparing for building of new production premises in 2016.....

“From the very beginning we had the support of the local authorities, who understood the importance of our activities for the standard of the local community. That support, along with the creativity and hard work of our workers result with the decision to build a new factory.“

Davor Gečić, CEO LPT d.o.o.

HAIX Obuća d.o.o. Mala Subotica

HAIX Group is considered a top brand of functional shoes for fire fighters, police, and task forces worldwide. The company headquarter is located in Bavarian town of Mainburg.


  • HAIX is present in Croatia since year 1999 when it started cooperation with several Croatian shoemakers,
  • in 2004. HAIX Obuća d.o.o. was founded, employing hundred people in rented premises with daily production of 500 shoes,
  • in 2010, a high-tech production facility is being built with a capacity of 3,000 pairs daily and with surface of 6.000 m2
  • in 2015 Expansion of production capacity in HAIX plant in Croatia (3,000 m² production & staff facilities + 3,000 m² warehouse space)
  • in 2014 a total sale of 15 mil EUR was realized and 597 people were in employment.

“We, HAIX Footwear, want to use this opportunity to once again sincerely thank the responsible persons in Međimurje County for super fast and without difficulties processing and distribution of permits for new construction of our production and logistics centre in Mala Subotica.“

Markus Lins, Asistant Technical Director /Excerpt from the letter of thanks to the County Prefect in 2009./


PROIZVODNJA PG d.o.o., Prelog

The company is 100% owned by  Paul Green GmbH, one of the leading European producer of premium women shoes.

  • PAUL GREEN had decades of successful cooperation with North Croatian shoemaking companies,
  • In 2012 a decision was made by the Board to establish own production plant and logistic centre for Europe in Prelog . The same year Proizvodnja PG Ltd was found.
  • In 2013 201newly built production-logistic centre with the surface of 800 m2 was introduced
  • In September 2014 the number of employees rose to 400.

CWS boco d.o.o., Čakovec

The company is 100% owned by CWS-boco Groupe, one of the leading providers of washroom hygiene, dust control mats and textile services worldwide.

  • In 2013 CWS boco d.o.o. acquired app 20.000 m2 of land in business zone Business park Međimurje in Čakovec
  • In 2015. modern laundry with 80 employees was open for business