Međimurje is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and quality of life as well as productive and resourceful but modest people. However, when it comes to metal processing we become passionate.

Metal processing in Međimurje is not only an industry sector and source of revenue but much more. Experience, knowledge and skills we have today were gained by generations and made the metal industry one of the most propulsive sectors of the local economy. There are around 165 companies in the sector that, using modern technology, produce different components and end-products, from small tools to railway wagons, and which export mainly into countries of the EU.

In this brochure  [ ENG, DE ] you will get familiar with distinguished metal processing companies in Međimurje and you will notice that in a relatively small area there is a significant pool of knowledge, technology and production capacity, i.e. cooperation potentials. All of them are ready to accept new business partners and provide services and products of highest quality standards.

  • One of the traditional industries
  • Quality workforce with expertise and experience
  • New metalworking technologies applied
  • competitive service pricing
  • Business and manufacturing processes in accordance with ISO and other quality standards


The textile and leather industry has played a great role in the industrial development of Međimurje in the 20th century and still represents a significant factor in the economy. Numerous small local enterprises maintain their market position in this highly competitive sector through innovation, knowledge and flexibility. On the other hand, Međimurje is the home of many global textile and footwear companies that achieve the highest standards of productivity and product quality in Međimurje.

This brochure [ ENG, DE, IT, FRA ] is an introduction to the potential of several companies in Međimurje in the textile and leather industry, as well as an indication of significant capacities existing in a relatively small area with the ability to embrace new business ventures and provide the highest standards of services and products.

  • Competent and highly productive workforce
  • Long-standing tradition with a guarantee of experience
  • Decades of cooperation with renowned global producers

Information and communication technology is a rather new, emerging sector in the Međimurje economy. This brochure [ ENGDE ] provides introduction to the sector. Proactive and ever more successful companies, offering a wide range of IT services and solutions, are keeping up with global trends, constantly improving their skills and pool of experts as well as opening new markets and opportunities. There is a system of business support for ICT in place  including Technology Innovation Centre Međimurje with a business incubator for IT start-ups s and  higher education institutions with relevant study programmes.

  • An innovative, creative, educated, flexible and highly motivated workforce
  • High quality and specialised educational institutions
  • New initiatives in developing business infrastructure
  • Proximity to market – an ideal pilot market for the development
  • and application of new technologies



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