Strategic Planning

Based on the Croatian Regional Development Act (NN 147/14) REDEA was appointed as a regional coordinator for Međimurje County and has an assignment of effective coordination and encouraging regional development. From the year 2006 until today REDEA has coordinated and / or created several strategic documents (Regional Operational Programme 2006 – 2013; Međimurje County Development Strategy 2011 – 2013; Rural Development Strategy of Međimurje County; Human Resources Development Strategy for Međimurje County 2011 – 2013; Strategic Marketing Plan for Tourism of Međimurje County by 2020).

Regional coordinators, at the level of local (regional) government, carry out the following activities:

  • coordination of the development of County Development Strategies (hereinafter: CDS),
  • creation of action plans to implement the CDS;
  • monitoring the implementation of the CDS;
  • coordination of activities related to the central electronic database of development projects in the region;
  • coordination of activities of local government, related to the regional development;
  • participation in activities related to the development of assisted areas;
  • participation in the partnership of council of statistical region;
  • encouragement of joint development projects with other local and regional (regional) government, through inter-regional and cross-border cooperation;
  • participation in the preparation of development project for the statistical region;
  • cooperation with other regional coordinators to create and implement joint projects.

As a regional coordinator, REDEA is responsible for drafting the new Međimurje County Development Strategy by 2020.

The Strategic Planning in their work through the strategic planning process provides a foundation for focused development of local communities and takes care for the prerequisites for the use of structural funds, through:

♦ coordination of the County Development Strategy and sectoral strategies;

♦ monitoring the implementation of strategic documents for achieving the stated goals;

♦ managing database of development projects;

♦ preparation of local development strategies and strategies of public enterprises.