Investment in development and improvement of human resources is a very important factor for success in every organization and company, and is the basis for achieving competitiveness in the modern economy. Department for Human Resource Development is focused on initiatives and projects that strengthen human resources at the county level by providing support for institutions and organizations in the county that operate in this area. Target groups of the department are representatives of the public sector in the field of labour and employment, education and lifelong learning and social sector.

Informing potential applicants about funding opportunities from EU funds and national sources of financing

An entire component of the IPA program intended for candidate countries and potential candidates for membership in the European Union was designed precisely to the development of human resources. Even then, many institutions, both from the employment sector and education sector, and the social sector, have recognized the opportunity and successfully competing for EU funds. The possibility of financing projects increased by Croatian accession to the European Union. To the potential applicants it is sometimes difficult to find the right information about financing options of project ideas and therefore the Department for Human Resource Development provides information on where and how to find the right information on tenders and if their project idea is eligible for funding. Once you identify the source of financing and project ideas, our Department provide help in preparing the application. Target groups of the Department of Human Resources Development are mostly interested in the tenders to be published in the Operational Programme Human Resources and financed from the European Social Fund. Another important program is Erasmus+ whose implementation in Croatia is in charge of the Agency for Mobility and EU programs.

Educations for strengthening capacities of local stakeholders

Department of Human Resource Development organizes and conducts trainings for capacity building of local stakeholders, primarily for representatives from the public sector. The most frequent topics are education in the field of preparation of projects eligible for financing from EU funds and national sources of financing and in the field of successful project management. The emphasis is on educational activities aimed at strengthening the capacity of employees in the administrative bodies and other public institutions and facilities in Međimurje County for a better preparation and implementation of development projects.

Local partnership for employment of Međimurje County (LPE)

Local partnerships for employment are a new model for inter-sectoral cooperation in the preparation and adoption of policies to strengthen human resources in accordance with the needs of the local labour market. The main objective is to achieve an effective partnership between government institutions, such as counties, cities and municipalities, public institutions, educational institutions and the business sector on the local labour market. Mutual activities of all stakeholders in the labour market can be achieved by more flexible labour market with a gradual reduction of unemployment at the local level.

Local partnerships for employment of Međimurje County (LPE) was established in 2011 through the project Local Partnerships for Employment - Phase 3 and co-financed by the funds of the IPA IV Human Resources Development 2011. LPE acts as an informal body chaired by the Croatian Employment Service- Regional Office Čakovec while the role of Technical Secretariat performs REDEA. LPE is working on strengthening its capacity and acquiring new knowledge in various fields such as management, strategic planning, EU funds, lobbying and more.

LPE runs projects and initiatives at the county level in accordance with the Strategy of Human Resources of Međimurje County and thus participate in the creation of conditions for a better life and work in the Međimurje County.

Promoting the importance of lifelong learning

Lifelong learning represents all forms of learning throughout life, whose purpose is the acquisition and improvement of competences for personal, social and professional needs (Law on the Croatian Qualifications Framework, 2013). Every year REDEA is included in the national educational campaign Lifelong Learning Week by organizing free training during this period, each year for a different target group, and thus emphasizes the importance of learning in all areas and at every age.