Agriculture and Rural Development

Considering that the development of agriculture and tourism is of significant strategic importance for the overall development of Međimurje County and the wider region, REDEA has focused part of its resources to enhance this specific area.

We contribute to rural development and enhancement of competitiveness of agriculture and tourism sector in Međimurje County through:

  • promotional activities regarding development of agriculture and tourism (e.g. promotion of locally produced agricultural products);
  • consulting related to the establishment and registration of agricultural family farms;
  • providing support to local action groups (LAG) in their work;
  • participation in creation and development of brands for tourism and agriculture products of Međimurje County;
  • consulting regarding development and implementation of investment projects and preparation of feasibility studies and business plans for projects in agriculture and tourism;
  • support in strengthening agricultural entrepreneurs in Međimurje county in the market chains and helping them in the establishment of short food supply chains;
  • education in the field of legislation, implementation of quality management system etc.
  • Providing information regarding Rural Development Programme;
  • preparation of project documentation for interested beneficiaries needed for applying to calls for proposals from the Rural Development Programme and other national and EU funds/programmes focused on the development of agriculture, tourism and rural development in general;
  • preparation of economic plans related to the usage of agricultural land and other types of plans and programs in accordance with the needs of beneficiaries;
  • assistance in establishment various types of agricultural producer associations;
  • development of strategic and other types of documents in the field of agriculture and tourism (Rural Development Strategy of Međimurje County, Strategic Marketing Plan for Tourism Development in Međimurje County, The Role of health tourism in enhancing competitiveness of rural areas in Croatia, etc.)