Public Institution for the Development of the Međimurje County REDEA was founded as a regional coordinator for the Međimurje County. Our main aim is to support the process of sustainable development in Međimurje.

According to the Croatian Regional Development Act, Article 30 (Official Gazette, 123/17) from the date December 12th 2017, Međimurje County (REDEA`s founder) was obligated to establish a public institution to perform activities of regional coordination – the scope of work of REDEA Ltd. so far. In the respect the Public Institution for the Development of the Međimurje County was founded and started to work as of 1st of July 2018. All assets, rights and obligations related to the activities of the regional coordinator were transferred from the Regional Development Agency Međimurje Ltd. to the new public institution.


Regional Development Agency Međimurje REDEA Ltd. was founded on 9 December 2004 by the Medjimurje County, with the aim to support the process of sustainable development in Međimurje. REDEA is the legal successor of The Međimurje Entrepreneurial Center (MPC), founded in 1998, who has been providing support to SMEs and farmers (business plans, assistance in lending).

Being granted candidate status for EU membership in 2004, Croatia opened up the opportunity to withdraw funds from the EU pre-accession funds. It is these opportunities and increased scope of work that resulted in the transformation of MPC to the Development Agency which required both specific competencies and increasing number of employees.

REDEA was established as a company in the public domain and is funded by the Međimurje county as the founder and sole owner, and is accredited as a regional coordinator for Međimurje County (according to the  Regional Development Act of the Republic of Croatia).


As a regional coordinator we provide professional assistance to regional development of Međimurje with commitment and enthusiasm. DEVELOPMENT is the key word for us. We deal with strategic planning as a precondition for focused development, economic development, agriculture and rural development as well as human resources development.

We encourage constructive suggestions and respect different viewpoints and interests. Strong work ethic and aspiring for excellence as well as taking up challenges and using creativity in problem solving is what distinguishes us.


To be a desirable partner foreseeing development trends and leading Međimurje a step ahead of others.

Our Key Activities And Services

Initiation and implementation of strategic projects

Assistance in identification, development and implementation of projects co-financed by national and EU funds

Preparation and implementation of EU projects related to our field of work

Organization and implementation of training for public and private sector

Providing information about available grants and subsidies (including EU funds) to entrepreneurs and assistance in preparation of project proposals

Our Activities Are Directed Towards The Development Needs Of

 Međimurje County

 Towns and municipalities

 Public institutions (in the field of education, health care, social welfare, public utilities...)


 Economy (entrepreneurs and craftsmen, domestic and foreign investors)

 Civil society organizations

… with informality and good mood in these serious times. :)

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