The activities of the IMPER Project are nearing completion and so far all the expected goals have been achieved. These were presented on November 13 (Thursday) in Čakovec, in Zrinski hall of the Scheier building.


This event was also used to present the three-lingual brochure with useful data and information for entrepreneurs from the region seeking to establish cross-border cooperation or improve their marketing strategies. The brochure presents all the entrepreneurs who took part in the Project and brings all the useful contacts for cross-border cooperation. The text on marketing for small and medium enterprises was written by a consultant working on the Project. She dealt with all the points that popped up as critical during consultations with entrepreneurs. The brochure will not only be a great promotion of the Project, but will also be a useful document for all those seeking cross-border cooperation or wanting to improve marketing strategies. A multimedia CD was also presented with similar contents to the one in the brochure.

A marketing workshop, marketing being of the focal points of the IMPER Project, was organized following the presentation of the results of the Project. The workshop was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of the Economy, Labor and Entrepreneurship and was chaired by Elvira Mlivić Budeš, MS. She came up with the ideas for the workshop by using her experience gathered from her work with Međimurje entrepreneurs. In this way the very presentation of the Project results was used for further activities in helping the Međimurje entrepreneurs improve their competencies.

The Project will officially end on November 30, 2008, but the cooperation between REDEA and Slovenian partners will continue on a number of projects that entered this year’s competition within the IPA operative program Slovenia-Croatia.


You can download the brochure with project results here (PDF – 3,8 MB)
The presentation of project results can be downloaded here (PDF – 7,7 MB)