Pursuant to Article 34 of the Statute of Međimurje County (The Official Gazette of the Medjimurje County no. 1/07 and 07/09), the Prefect of Međimurje County, Mr. Ivan Perhoč, announces



to express Interest for purchase of property owned by Međimurje County



1.        Subject of the Invitation is expression of interest to purchase property

1.1.  in the area of Čakovec and Pribislavec (military complex formerly owned by Croatian Army) registered in:

          land register sheet no. 4404, cadastre municipality Čakovec, land registry plot no.     1134/53/1 (identical to cadastral plot number 1700/2), overall surface 380.395 m2. According to the Urban Master Plan of the City of Čakovec a part of the property is zoned as a sports and recreation area (construction not permitted) and a part is zoned as industrial and business services area.

          land register sheet no. 2467, cadastre municipality Pribislavec, land registry plot no. 805/A/1/1/1/5/1 (identical to cadastral plot number 3385/5, cadastre municipality Pribislavec), a pasture of overall surface of 301.251 m2. According to the Zoning Plan of the municipality of Pribislavec the property is intended for industrial and business services.

1.2.  Administration building known as “Count Feštetić building”. The property is registered in land register sheet no. 22 E, level no. 10, Pavilion 6 in the County hospital Čakovec, overall surface 1.968,47 m2 and level no. 11, clinic in the Medical centre Čakovec, overall surface 297,25 m2 (building registered in land registry plot no.229/1/3/1/1, cadastre municipality Čakovec, identical to cadastral plot number 1038/1 cadastre municipality Čakovec). According to the Urban Master Plan of the City of Čakovec the property is zoned as business services area.

2.        The zoning, use and purpose of the property, i.e. of the area subject of this Invitation is set in the Amendements to the Urban Master Plan of the City of Čakovec (“The Official Gazette of the he City of Čakovec” no. 01/09) and in the Zoning Plan of the municipality of Pribislavec (“The Official Gazette of the Medjimurje County” no. 1/04 and 2/07).

3.        All interested domestic and foreign natural and legal entities are invited to express the interest for purchase of property/any part of property to Međimurje County by sending a letter of intent with the following enclosures:

3.1.  Name, surname and address of the bidder (if natural entity), i.e. company name and company registered location (if legal entity);

3.2.  Copy of an identity card, certificate of registration at the company/crafts register (foreign legal entity can submit any other document proving the status of the legal entitiy);

3.3.  Applicant submitting a letter of intent shall indicate the price which he/she is willing to pay for the property (or a part of the property specifying the required size) along with proposed payment terms;

3.4.  For property listed under point 1.1., the Applicant shall also submit a preliminary design, i.e. a short version of an investment/business plan specifying site development activities and future use of the respective property along with a proposed schedule of project implementation begining with the date of the purchase contract. The preliminary design, i.e. the investment/business plan must be in accord with the existing zoning/spatial planning documents (the Urban Master Plan of the City of Čakovec and the Zoning Plan of the municipality of Pribislavec). Special remark: Detailed Urbanistic Plan for Čakovec area property is currently being prepared.

3.5.  Total investment value and the proposed number of employees.

4.        The applicant shall submit a letter of intent along with the enclosures in Croatian language in a sealed envelope to the following address: Međimurska županija, Ruđera Boškovića 2, 40000 Čakovec, Croatia, specifying the reference: “Pismo namjere za kupnju nekretnina”.

5.        Letters of intent must be submitted by 2 PM on September 15, 2009.

6.        The sole aim of this invitation is to identify interest and therefore it is not binding for the County of Međimurje to sell the property nor to the applicants to participate in the further public procurement procedures related to purchase of the property subject to this invitation.

7.        For further information please contact Regional Development Agency REDEA at +385-40-395-560 or Međimurje County at +385-40-374-252, or by e-mail at

8.        The existing zoning/spatial planning documentation for property in the area of the City of Čakovec may be viewed in the department of spatial planning, environment protection and construction of the City of Čakovec, Katarine Zrinski 2/II, weekdays from 7:00 to 15:00 h (phone: +385-40/310-262, +385-40-312-001), and in the municipality of Pribislavec, Braće Radić 47, weekdays from 7:00 to 15:00 h (phone: +385-40-361-032).



Reference number

Klasa: 940-01/09-02/6

Urbroj: 2109/1-01-09-01

In Čakovec, August 12, 2009


County Prefect

Ivan Perhoč