The contract on financing the setting up of the TIC Međimurje – Technology Centre Innovation Centre of Međimurje which will be founded and run by the Regional Development Agency Međimurje – REDEA d.o.o. was signed on 10th September in Zagreb in the premises of BICRO d.o.o. – Business Innovation Centre of Croatia. Through its programme of technology infrastructure development – TECHCRO, BICRO will provide kn 12 million in the period of 5 years which makes almost 50 % of the total project value. Besides Međimurje, the rest of the amount needed for project’s implementation will be provided by project partners. It has been estimated for the Centre to become fully self-sustainable upon 5 years of its operation.  


In the presence of mr. Ivan Perhoč, Međimurje County prefect, the Contract was signed between the Director of BICRO, Dalibor Marijanović and by Matija Derk, M.Sc., Director of REDEA. The Director of the TEHCRO programme, Ivana Nagy, D.Sc, was also present at the event.


The aim of the project is to encourage technology development in the region by developing technology infrastructure and by creating conditions for employment of young experts and incubation of knowledge based companies and their setting up in the TIC and the region. Also, one of the aims is to create conditions for providing quality services of technology transfer and commericalisation of innovation to SMEs and rapidly developing academic sector in Međimurje and the whole region of Northwest Croatia.


The Knowledge Centre which has been recognised as the central point of the development of knowledge based economy will house the TIC Međimurje. Other institutions engaged in support to development such as REDEA, Međimurje Polytechnics, Energy Agency are situated within The Knowledge Centre as well. TIC’s target technology sectors are ICT sector, metal-processing industry and civil engineering sector. TIC will operate in the 3 buildings within the former military complex in Čakovec.


Međimurje Polytechnics in Čakovec is the regional partner on the project, while INI – Graphics Net Foundation is the foreign partner. The latter is the international network of institutions for advanced education, training, research and development in graphic technology from the famous Fraunhofer Institute. Participation of INI – Graphics Net on this project brings valuable experience and knowledge in the field of R&D, commercialisation and technology transfer with the aim of economy stimulation. Associate partners on the project are the Međimurje Energy Agency (MENEA), Croatian Chamber of Economy and Croatian Chamber of Trade and Crafts. A number of Međimurje companies signed letters of intent confirming their willingness to cooperate with the TIC.


Long-term and positive effects of the project will be seen through contribution to economy development of Međimurje by creating new and innovative technology companies, by opening new highly qualified jobs and by development and transfer of new knowledge and technologies.


TIC will start operating on 1st October 2009. REDEA wants to thank all entrepreneurs who have already expressed their willingness for cooperation with TIC and is looking forward to successful cooperation with them, as well as with other interested entrepreneurs. TIC’s first activities will be workshops where potential partners will be informed on possibilities of cooperation with TIC.



Signing of the contract:

From left: Ivan Perhoč (Međimurje County prefect), Dalibor Marijanović (BICRO, CEO),  Ivana Nagy (TEHCRO, CEO), Matija Derk (REDEA, CEO).